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SC7209 Outdoor gloves

Girard: SC7209
Style: Outdoor gloves
Fabric: sheepskin
Material: silk cotton
Introduction: SC7209 Outdoor gloves sheepskin black and red silk cotton
Product Details
    Gloves are hand warm or labor protection articles, there are for decoration. Gloves is a very special thing, it is not for the sake of practical, only to modern times, it has become necessary for thermal insulation cold region, or from medical, industrial protective equipment. But in addition to the traditional sense of the gloves, gloves now more on the meaning of "a deep layer, and the traditional gloves is very different. This is due to the rise of online games, making blanket equipment name game, because the game players are numerous, compared to traditional industry, in particular, with the gloves on network information more relevant information is the network game equipment, gloves, originating in ancient Greece.

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